Force Fabrication Inc- Completes Delrin CNC Machining for Military Application

by Justin Gamble Vice President

Force Fabrication Inc- Completes Plastic CNC Machined parts for Military Application

Industry: Military Ground Support

Product:  CNC machined power supply handle; Delrin AF Blend material

Project Overview

Force Fabrication Inc. continues production of several delrin, CNC machined components for a Military defense contractor in Wisconsin. This specific requirement includes Delrin AF Blend material, CNC machining annd deburring.  We pride ourselves in being the source for plastic CNC machined parts with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

Raw Material

     Delrin AF Blend

Processes Involved

  • CNC machining of details
  • Deburring
  • AS9102 Inspection Report required
Software and Design Work
  • Solidworks 2016
  • Mastercam
  • Programming