Precision Dip-Brazed Heatsinks

by Justin Gamble Vice President

Force Fabrication Inc.- completes dip-brazed heatsink build for Southern California military customer

Industry: Military 

Product: Dip brazed, Custom Heatsink

Project Overview

We are proud to announce our support for an ongoing Military program requiring custom heatsinks. In July and August,  Force Fabrication Inc. produced over a hundred heat sink assemblies for a local communication company in Newbury Park, CA. The detail parts are machined, sides and tops along with fin stock that is brought in formed to spec. Dip brazing all details is the next operation along with post braze machining. Following jitterbugging and deburrring edges assemblies are chem-filmed per MIL-C-5541, Class 3. Final operations include helicoil installaion and marking along with final inspection. 

Types of Raw Materials

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Filler material AWS A5.8 and Flux per AMS 3415
  • Aluminum folded fin stock
  • Helicoils: MS21209-C0610, MS21209-C0410, MS21209-C0210.

Types  of Parts Built

Processes Involved


Software and Design Work