Aerospace Contract- Dip-Brazed chassis assembly

by Justin Gamble Vice President

Aerospace Contract for Dip Brazed Electronic Enclosures.

Industry: Commerical Aerospace

Product; Rugged Aerospace Enclosure

Project Overview

We are proud to announce our support for a new Aerospace customer on the east coast. Force Fabrication Inc. was able to get involved with the program at the initial prototype stage with design for manufacturability considerations and joint design recommendations. 

The customer provided models which will altered and details configured to support a successful brazement.  Several different material thicknesses needed to be brazed; sheet metal, CNC turned and milled parts; 6061-T4 material. The assembly was dip brazed per AWS C3.7, Class B; minimal straightening and post braze machining in some areas required. 

Dip-Brazed Assembly

Types of Raw Materials

  • 6061-T4 Aluminum, various thicknesses
  • Filler material AWS A5.8 and Flux per AMS 3415

Types  of Parts Built

  • Custom Dip Brazed Chassis
  • CNC turned fittings
  • Sheet metal support chassis 
  • Top cover
  • EMI Baffle
  • Mounting brackets
  • CNC custom machined standoffs
  • Stiffeners
  • Base plates
Processes Involved


Software and Design Work